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Table of contents

(X)HTML Standards and Accessibility:

Why Care about Code Standards and Accessibility?

Why Care? (cont.)

The World Wide Web Consortium

The W3C Code Standards

What is Standards Compliance?

Well Formed Pages

Proper (X)HTML Code Structure

Testing for Valid Code

How to Test

Working with the Validator

Working with TIDY

Testing CSS

The CSS Validator

Issues to Consider

Issues (cont.)

(X)HTML and CSS Resources:


Facts about Disabilities

Facts (cont.)

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

Other WAI Activities

Other Accessibility Initiatives

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Website Accessibility in the USA

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US States and Accessibility

State Requirements

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More Issues

More Issues (cont.)

Accessibility Compliance

Checking Accessibility

Testing Accessibility

Testing (cont.)


Accessibility Resources


On-line Tutorial

Author: Steven Perkins



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