Strategies for Effective Electronic Publishing:
Issues to Consider

1998 CALI Conference
Steven C. Perkins

Document Presentation Format Decisions


PDF=Portable Document Format



Native File Formats

Assuming you use HTML:

There are many metadata schemes:

Why Metadata?

Which Search Engines Support MetaData?

What is the Future of MetaData?

The future of MetaData is the Resource Description Framework, an XML application that describes metadata and allows for relationships between metadata. See, R. Iannella, "Application of RDF for extensible Dublin Core metadata".

What is RDF?

RDF is a "foundation for processing metadata; it provides interoperability between applications that exchange machine-understandable information on the Web."

See, RDF Tools for an example of the Dublin Core in RDF.

Tools to create Dublin Core and other types of MetaData


Stylesheets allow for greater display capabilities that can be used to provide visual or auditory cues to the document user. They can also be used to extend the logical markup of text. The later should probably be done with XML and not with the stylesheet languages. At this time, using HTML 4.0, "creative" use of the class qualifier can give some greater capabilities to the document creator.