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Legal Texts on the Internet

Text Transformation

Many legal documents have been placed on the INTERNET in the past 10 years. Most have been marked up for presentation only, and that has been done at a very basic level. Several of the technologies listed below have been available for the past 5 years. Judicious use of the markup rules for HTML, XHTML, CSS1 and CSS2, can allow one to exercise control over the screen and print presentation of legal texts and impart semantic meaning to the items within the texts. Documents prepared with concern for these standards and advanced metadata schemas, such as the Dublin Core, enhance the value of the INTERNET by improving resource discovery. Naturally, attention to these details improves the impact of the documents.

Using appropriate technology from HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, XML, XSL, XSL-T, XSL-FO, CSS1, CSS2 for presentation, and METADATA to add semantic intelligence to legal texts -- court opinions, briefs, law review articles, treatises, etc. -- IQ-Ubed can assist you in repurposing your legal text for use on the INTERNET.

Accessibility Standards

Web site accessibility has become an issue as the web transformed from a text format to more interactive animated formats. As more and more web sites incorporated images and animations, these sites became less usable by persons with disabilities. The W3C began the Web Accessibility Initiative to formulate standards to insure the accessibility of web content for disabled users.